The Complete Lanyard Buying Guide

Lanyard is a commonly used promotional item so you can easily find it in various colours, styles and with different accessories. However, at times it can be very difficult to select one, especially if you have to use it for a specific event or conference.


Below are a few questions that businessmen should ask before they select or buy lanyards online:

1. Who will be wearing the lanyard on the event?

If these lanyards are supposed to be used by guests or conference attendant, then make sure to select the best quality lanyards that are not only good to look at but are also comfortable to wear. As these lanyards represent your organization, they will give a good impression if you send them with a high-quality giveaway.

2. Will you use these lanyards as giveaways on a trade fair?

If yes then you should select lanyard that is not only looks good but is economical in price. This is because you will need these in bulk if you using them as giveaways. But also make sure they have attachments that are used in daily life. This way customer will be reminded of your brand and products whenever they use your giveaways.

3. Is your organization concerned about environment?

If yes then you should go with eco-friendly lanyard material. These lanyards are usually made from bamboo, recycled plastic or other recyclable materials. The good thing about these lanyards is that you can easily get your logo and tagline printed on both sides. Moreover these are very comfortable to wear.

Also consider the kind of accessories that you would like to attach to your customized lanyards to make them more attractive.

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