Physician’s Poor Behavior at Workplace

Some doctors are not people pleasers you would like to interact with; they are curt, arrogant, unfriendly, or not successful communicators.

Poor Behaviors

Holmes reported that abusive and demeaning behaviors would be the most prone to cause difficulties. These will include:

  • Making dangers
  • Shouting or throwing items
  • Making condescending remarks
  • Criticizing a colleague facing a patient or other team members
  • Vocalizing sexually inappropriate remarks
  • Touching a colleague in a sexual manner
  • Verbally harassing or mocking a colleague, that may result in legal liability in case it involves an individual’s age, race, sex, handicap, religion, pregnancy, or other protected class
  • Refusing to comply with established policies and processes

It is essential for a doctor’s clinic to have policies and processes in place, rather before there’s an issue, not only summarize the kinds of behaviors which won’t be tolerated, but also clarify the interventions which needs to be undertaken if rules are broken and also delineate the effects which are going to be enforced if these interventions fail. It is mandatory for every member in maintaining a professional, collegial, safe culture at the workplace.

Among the greatest strategies to discourage bad behavior would be to implement a detailed code of behavior. This ought to include a transparent policy specifying unacceptable behaviors and should to have a clear disciplinary policy outlining the processes used to manage complaints.