Moalboal: The Home of Underwater Wonders

If you already heard about Moalboal then you already have the idea of chasing a sardine run that you may have seen on Instagram. Moalboal is located 90 kilometers southwest of Cebu City where you can find stunning white stripes of sand. Beyond the beautiful white sand beach of Moalboal lies unassuming wonders of its sea. You will see sea turtles that are feeding on the weeds and just don’t mind the snorkelers that are hovering over as they search for nutrition.

As you go further, you’ll see a conglomeration of coral blooms that resemble an underwater field. The stationary creatures are fishes of various species, colors, and stripes. And you as you keep on sneaking on the area, you will see invertebrates around of different shapes and sizes. If you’re unafraid of the blue or you’re a daredevil swimmer, you can go further and see a profusion of marine creatures. A sardine run that regularly swims in the area to edge of the abyss.

Stay in Moalboal

We recommend you to stay in a camp along the white beach of Basdaku that will make your stay so awesome and memorable. Bring a tent if you really wanted to sleep on the beach which will make your stay convenient but the access for fresh water is quite harder so bring your gallons of water with you. If you’re not interested in staying on the beach you can still have some options.

Turtle Bay Dive Resort is one of the resort you can stay in. The resort is a premium accommodation near the Beach called Panagsama. Quo Vadis Dive Resort is another place you can stay and it is also located near the Panagsama beach. It is located near some restaurants and dive centers that are PADI-Certified. Another is Marcosas Cottages Resort which offers you rooms and suites that are equipped with great amenities that is suitable to cater utmost comfort.

When your plans are finalized, you can book with Cebu Tours as your travel partner. We will give you the best service that will make you experience the greatest satisfaction.

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