Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress Review

One of the most important things you’ll have to provide to your baby to ensure healthy growth is a comfortable sleeping experience. Comfort is not always a priority for adults but it goes without saying that your baby needs it, starting from the crib mattress which most likely won’t come with the crib. The good news is that there are plenty of baby mattresses available, almost as many as there are for adults.

If you’re trying to save money, you’d be glad to know that a baby crib mattress of this kind is also suitable for a toddler bed so it’s going to last you a good 3-4 years.

If you’re a new parent, you’ll go through a lot less headache by simply choosing to opt for the best. Crib mattresses are among the very few exceptional cases when “the best” doesn’t automatically equate to expensive and a good mattress will reduce the risk of suffocation and SIDS to a point of non-existence.

Chances are somebody recommended you give the Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress a try. This is among the most comfortable mattresses that will provide your baby with the sweet dreams it needs, and it’s also not that expensive!

Is Kolcraft A Reliable Company?

They’re actually one of the most reliable companies out there. This is small family-owned company started in 1946 that’s known for producing quality, durable and safe crib mattresses. The reason why this one carries the tagline “150” is because there are 150 steel coil springs there to ensure maximum support and reduced allergic material.

The mattress is suitable for most standard sized cribs (including a toddler bed frame) and proof enough of this company’s reliability is the fact that you’re getting a 10 year warranty with the mattress. In the case of certain mattresses you’ll likely want to avoid, you’ll find they’re only a few inches thick. The 150 is stable, thick and comfortable – also made in the USA.

Main Advantages To Consider

  • The heavy gauge steel coils will basically ensure your baby has an excellent resting surface 24/7. These coils are put together in a very careful way providing for a firm foundation. There’s also a hypo-allergenic support wrap on the foundation which will ensure your baby is comfortable sleeping there for years to come.
  • The cover is extremely easy to clean and all you’ll need is a simple damp cloth, soap and water. There are practical/small metal vents that keep a natural airflow to this mattress allowing it to stay fresh throughout the year. There are also absolutely no fire retardants.
  • Your baby will love it.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Although it’s firmly built, it doesn’t feel stiff at all. You also won’t have to deal with those unpleasant chemical smells.
  • It’s likely going to fit the crib perfectly and not leave out gaps and spaces in between.
  • Extremely easy to maintain.
  • Has a decent barrier against unpredictable leaks from diapers.
  • The outer layer will basically do a great job at protect it from staining.
  • Quiet.
  • Looks like the manufacturers have given it plenty of thought as far as the practical day-to-day usage aspects. There’s very little that could possibly go wrong with this mattress.

What Are Previous Consumers Saying?

Even if you completely ignore the features, you can see what people who used this mattress are saying on Amazon. Most claim that the value they’ve been getting for the price tag is insane and there’s hardly anything out there that’s missing. The ratings are almost all positive and most people who chose to purchase say they would do it again.

To Conclude

The Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 by Kolcraft is the perfect choice mattress for a baby as it provides comfort combined with a number of practical and safety features. It’s also within the budget of most people so if you want to make sure your baby is comfortable at all times, this mattress should be your first choice. Overall, we’d like to think of it as a very smart investment that parents can make for several years to come.

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