Iraq Needs Tourism To Boost the Dinar

When most people think about the nation of Iraq, we consider the War in Iraq, oil, Saddam Hussein and possibly even terrorism. Obviously, we do not think of Iraq as a holiday destination. Even if we have a desire to see the Middle East, places like Egypt, Dubai, and Israel come to mind, not Iraq. Search more about Iraqi dinar through

To Boost the Dinar, Iraq Needs Tourism

Iraq must make tourism a significant industry not just to raise the dinar and their market, but also to enhance international relations.

Iraq has so much culture and history which could be leveraged to attract tourists. The historical Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located in Iraq and the area between the two rivers, Mesopotamia, is known as the birthplace of civilization.

 Mesopotamia was the home of the most sophisticated, ancient civilizations where the wheel has been invented. It was also famous for its mathematical advancements, including the organization of the 60 second minute, 24 hours and the 360-degree circle.

Moreover, the National Museum of Iraq has some of the earliest ancient Iraq artifacts. Iraq has points of interest that could flourish as tourist attractions, which it must encourage and grow to be another source of revenue. Tourism in Iraq will not be a revenue source to the scale like its petroleum trade, but it is going to help diversify Iraq's economy and strengthen the dinar.

As tourists come into Iraq, they need to utilize Iraqi dinars to pay for hotels, food, and souvenirs. Tourism increases the demand for dinars and it'll introduce Iraq and the dinar as possible investment opportunities to more people.

To most people, Iraq is an unknown territory, we just know about the wars and instability – a booming tourism sector would change that.   

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