How to Use the Internet to Market your Charity Events

How to Promote Your Charity Event Online

If you are planning a charity event you will want to look at online ways to promote it. In this article, we will look over free and inexpensive ways to use the internet as a way to market your event

Online Resources for Charity Events

Websitecharity events

A website will be the most important aspect of your online marketing strategy. Here you will be able to both advertise and educate your potential guests. You can have information about the dress code, timings, parking, and other technical information, as well as information regarding the reason for the charity events.  If your business already has a website you should be able to create a webpage specifically for the charity event with all the relevant information.  Make sure you include the website address with all promotional information as well.

Social Media

Social media is pretty much a must-have in this day and age. People love to engage with brands and events on social media platforms. Some of the big ones you should focus on include:

Facebook – You will probably get as many visitors to your webpage as you will your Facebook page. This will be a place where you can answer questions regarding the event, and help promote the cause

Instagram – Instagram will be great to generate excitement. Try to create a hashtag, as well as photo opportunities at the actual charity event.

YouTube – Create a video to highlight the reason for the charity event.  This will help create excitement and interest in the event

If your business already has a Twitter or a LinkedIn account, be sure to promote any charity events there as well. 

Local Businesses

Another way to garner attention for charity events is to write a press release and ask local businesses if they can post it on their site.  Local businesses usually like to be involved in with community events, and c be a great asset for getting your event attention.

Other Tips

As with anything online, be sure that the information is up-to-date and completely current. You should update the information as soon as it changes so that no one is out of the loop.

You will also want to put a focus on user-friendliness. Make sure the information is easy to see and find. You will want to write clear and concise press releases, and use an easy to read font. 

You may want to consider creating an email marketing list, giving people the ability to sign up and get information that way.   

You could also look into contacting local celebrities and influencers to help get your event more attention.


There are a lot of ways to effectively promote your charity event online, and most of them will cost you nothing more than your time. 

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