How to Find Cheap Carpet Wholesalers

I recently set up an store selling carpet cleaners (that I bought from a wholesaler on Worldwide Brands) and in April I celebrated my first five figure revenue month, with sales of just under $12,000 – only six months after starting the new niche business.

Selling obscure products online, especially if you use a reliable and trusted drop shipper found on a reputable directory, can be a remarkably easy business model to set up and profit from.

I used an e-commerce app called Shopify for the actual site itself, which came with an integrated payment processor (although I also set up with PayPal as a backup), and joined Worldwide Brands to find suppliers.

Shopify is not expensive at all – at only $29 a month – although the apps can add up to much more, but they are not all necessary and some can even harm your site by slowing the load time too much.

However, Worldwide Brands – the source of all of the drop shippers that I work with – is much more expensive at $299 for membership.

It's a good resource though if you have the money – with more than 8,000 certified drop shippers and wholesalers and about sixteen million products available to buy at wholesale prices.  But only join if you can afford the membership fee!

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