For fresh-off-the-boat quality, buy seafood online!

Unless you're lucky enough to have a top notch fish market in town, when you're wanting the best quality of seafood available, your best bet is to buy seafood online. While the supermarket may have reasonably good quality seafood, have you ever noticed the little caveat below the price, proclaiming 'previously frozen'? To preserve the quality of taste and texture, you don't want to refreeze that fish. This means you'll need to cook it this evening, as fish does not improve after a day in the fridge.

The net makes it possible for the individual fisherman to put up a website and sell his catch to you, fresh off the boat each day. He can sell to people all over the world, eliminating the middle man, increasing his profits while supplying the very best quality product to you. Many fishermen prepare their catch just minutes after the catch is made, then flash freeze the portioned fish on the spot. It doesn't get any fresher than that! When he docks, the seafood is taken directly to the freezer, waiting for an order. The orders are filled and packed by specialist fish merchants such as Maresca Fish in special Styrofoam(R) ice chests and shipped to you overnight. When you receive the shipment, it's literally just hours since that fish was last swimming in the open seas.

You can immediately place the seafood in your freezer for later use, or thaw for tonight's meal. Online seafood vendors are far more particular about the quality they provide, as their entire reputation and livelihood depends on your satisfaction with the superiority of their product.

When you buy seafood online, you have a virtual shopping mall of every kind of fish and seafood you can think of to make a very special meal indeed. For example, the Maine lobster you purchase at the supermarket may have been trapped in an aquarium for days before. When you buy seafood online, that genuine Maine lobster came right from the ocean to your door. The difference in taste is tremendous.

Alaska is renowned for its variety of deep water seafood. Wild salmon, halibut, King Crab, scallops, razor clams, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, shrimp and prawns are just a few of the types of excellent seafood to be found in the Alaskan waters. Smoked salmon is an Alaskan specialty. Alaskan fishermen pride themselves on providing the wild caught seafood, not the less flavorful farm raised product.

Think of the possibilities when you buy seafood online. From Chilean sea bass to Louisiana catfish and Australian orange roughy, there really is a world of wonderful seafood to choose from when you click around the net.

Another advantage is yours when you buy seafood online. A trip to the supermarket takes time and you won't find the variety offered by online vendors. While the supermarket fish counter may have wild salmon, you may not like the look of it. When it comes to fish and seafood, freshness is what makes that food spectacular.

Looking for some really good Dungeness Crab? Where do you think you'll find the best? Online, of course.

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