Does Flotrol Treat Bladder Infections?

Bladder infections can be overly irritating for anyone. These infections target the urinary tract and can cause many unwelcoming symptoms that sufferers must deal with. It's actually estimated that over eight million people deal with bladder infections each and every single year. Let's take some time to look at what the most common symptoms of bladder infections are so that you can self-diagnose if you have this issue or not. It's going to be easiest to devote a section to the male symptoms and the female symptoms. So skip ahead to the section that is more pertinent to you. 

Male Symptoms

Frequent Urination – If you notice that you get the urge to go to the bathroom more often than usual, it could be a signal that something is not right. It's important to assess your fluid consumption. If you have drunk a lot more water today, you're going to be using the bathroom more often. However, if your fluid consumption has remained steady, it's likely there is something else going on. 

Burning Urination  – If you experience a burning or sharp sensation when you go to the bathroom, it's an indication that you may have a very serious bladder infection or STD. You should be talking to your doctor about a diagnosis at this point.

Bloody or Cloudy Urine – When your urine is a different color other than in the spectrum of bright yellow to clear, you have a problem going on. Bloody urine is fairly easy to see. Cloudy or frothy urine is a signal that something is wrong and will typically be accompanied by a foul odor. 

Female Symptoms

Stinging Sensation – The stinging sensation that you feel will be on the vag lips or labia. When you go to the bathroom, the urine touching this intimate area will sting.

Bloody Urine – Blood in the urine is something that can be an indication that something is not right in the bladder. Obviously, with females this is assuming the blood is coming at a time different then menstruation.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's likely you're dealing with a bladder infection. The over-the-counter medication known as flotrol doesn't treat bladder infections. This medication is specifically designed to help individual users regain control over their bladder functions. 

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