Contribution of Bridesmaids dresses in the society

The trend in bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid trend and fashion has come along way. Those days of same dressing are far left behind. Nowadays, bridesmaid wear a mismatched dress that creates a truly unique and gorgeous look. It has different styles, colours, hemlines and fabric. The new trend focuses on each individual bridesmaid and ensures the dress she wears makes her feel comfortable and great.

A mismatched bridesmaid dress sets a different challenge. If enough creativity is not used you can end up looking disjointed bridal party rather than a complementary one. There are a couple of ways to decide on how to design the bridesmaid dresses in Melbourne.


Same style with various colours

If you find one design that is absolutely adorable and you want it same for all – you can still go in for ‘mismatched’ look. Just make sure to select and play with suitable fabric and prepare a perfect scheme with not more than three variations in the colour. Following this golden rule will ensure a uniform silhouette with complementing colours that will enchant your guests and make the bridesmaid look beautiful in photos.

Same colour with different styles

This may be a good choice if the bride wants her bridesmaid to be in same colour. By sticking to the same hue yet creating a different design and style gives an altogether unique look. The bridesmaid can pick up their own favourite style. They will be happy to have their freedom of choice.

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