All about Thick Business Cards and Brochure Printing

All of us know the way the premium business card may produce a strong impression on the customers. Hence a well-designed business card is essential for all owners and officers linked to a specific business. To explore business cards you can visit

All about Thick Business Cards and Brochure Printing

There is a wide assortment of cards available on the market but generally, the thick business cards are of more significance to business owners. It feels great to hold the card in hand because it makes some critical statement.

Thick business card printing starts off by choosing good quality newspapers and then it's compressed to reach the desired thickness. Once it's completed, they are scaled to the typical size using laser technology that results in exceptionally refined and smooth borders.

Printing starts after this procedure. Advanced technologies like Total HD color printing has revolutionized the printing industry. Its left electronic printing way back since it can help to replicate 99% accurate colors in comparison to 30% version in electronic prints.

You can give numerous protective lamination coatings to your card. A rich silky texture can be accomplished by giving it a silk matte coating. You can even go for the high gloss finish that really pops up the colors of the card.

These days, the availability of colored edges has made the layout seem interesting. An assortment of fluorescent colors can be added that adds to the uniqueness of the company cards. You have the choice of giving your cards rounded borders should you desire.

Stamp foiling and spot gloss technologies could be integrated to provide the 3D texture in hand. Pick not more than 2-3 colors to keep things simple yet elegant.

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