A magic by Thai restaurants in Melbourne

The best Thai Cuisine would be that could take your taste buds to a trip to Bangkok. Sitting right in a restaurant in Melbourne, the Thai delicacies served to you could do such a wonder. To your surprise, such restaurants not only serve authentic Thai food but the ambience also would never make you feel that you are somewhere away from Thailand in any terms. Moreover, Thai taste is such a marvellous one that it quickly turns your hunger-induced grimace upside down. The aromatic and flavoursome Thai dishes served at some authentic Thai restaurants in Melbourne are beyond expectation outside Bangkok.


These Melbourne Thai restaurants CBD are located in the heart of the city and is very frequently visited by Thai food lovers across Melbourne for the traditional Thai favourites like Somtum, Phad Thai Goong, Chicken grilled on Lemongrass Sticks and Grilled Chicken & Bean Sprout salad wrapped in an Egg Net.

The speciality that pulls the locals, as well as tourists, is the ingredients. The ingredients are the freshest ones with the perfect balance of hot, sour, sweet and salty tastes. The food that you eat here is prepared only after the order is placed. The chef is ready to take up your preference of sweet or chilly in your order as always.

Finally, to cap the list off, the Thai restaurants have a great ambience with the bustling opening at the ground floor to the streets of Melbourne. You can also choose a more relaxed place in the upstairs with your family for a get-together. 

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